16. The Paramnesia

Nothing is more wonderful than meeting the people we love. I was so eager and nervous to face my friends and mother. But I had the thought that everything would become normal once I meet them. The board “PREMAVASAM’ appeared so majestic yet with a welcome of love for me. I entered along with Maruti … Continue reading 16. The Paramnesia


15. The Supplication

“Still he is unconscious, we must wake him and tell him before it's late” worried the bear “Wait don't you know he doesn't like to be disturbed? Do you really want to face his rage?” warned the silhouette. “But the situation is out of control as per your description, I fear delaying might trigger his rage to its core” feared the bear.

13. The Imprudence

Isolation is the worst thing to happen to anyone after they have been neglected by their loved ones. Twenty-four hours isolated travel was a very long time to squeeze the essence out of my brain and my heart. All the way along I had the memories that I spent with Durga and professor. I was also in a dilemma on how can they be so mean and selfish to send me away once my work is done there. I loved them both with a true heart, didn't they reciprocate with true heart earlier? Or was I been so stupid to see their real face?

12. The Outrage

He now works for his new master “Aashu”. Something struck me, I heard the same name spelled out by Smithii. “Who is this Aashu? Is he any local leader or some great man who has the influence to change the chores that were undertaken by us? Is it because of his pressure Durga and professor are being busy?”