1. The Pursual

(May – 2017)

I have been chased three-quarter miles and now I’m in an unexpected gap in a cliff opposite to an anonymous cave. It all happened because of me. I should have stayed with my friends, at least I should have told them about my where about. Now, it’s too late to regret and I don’t know whether I would survive or not. I have been encountered by a ferocious tiger at one end and a monstrous bear at the other end. It’s really hard for me to escape, “Is there anyone to save me?” My screams are useless.

Wait a second who’s that approaching towards me. Let me have a close look. Stupid thought, I got hit by the claws of that ferocious tiger and a blunt hit on my head at the rock behind me. What a stupid person I am? Going out of my hide place to see someone who is approaching me. Very bad idea. I lost more blood and it appears like I’m floating in a pool of blood in  just two minutes and I feel dizzy too.


(January 2017)

I’m an archeologist in Chennai accompanied by my friends Vasu and Anand. No matter what happens, we three would be united is all cases. Vasu after finishing his school has applied for police training in spite of losing it for the past three attempts. Anand is a “mad scientist” that’s how we call him too. He creates many things and invent  new things frequently.They call us the god’s  children or even the prodigal children. But the real fact is, we are orphans. We were brought up in Premavasam, a Home in Chennai where we get all we needed by the funds and donation given by good-hearted foreigners and other people with helping hearts.

If someone asks about us in the Home, then the only answer given universally by everyone is that we three are the most notorious boys in the Home but the truth is, we three are the most mischievous and notorious boys in the whole world. There’s nothing that we three have not done and there is none who leave us without cursing for the mischief that we do. Yet we are excused all the time, why? Because we were the three to join Premavasam after the first child Prem on whom the home has been named and started.

Our guardian is called as mother by all the children in the Home and mother always shows different care on us, no matter what we do she never leaves us down too, which is a great advantage for us. There are a few things common between me and my two other friends. Vasu and I are good fighters, while Anand is not. Vasu and Anand think before doing something, but I am a short-tempered person. Myself and Anand are imaginative, while Vasu is perspective.

There would be many misunderstanding between us, but the only thing that unites us is Dance Yes, we three are good dancers too. Whatever the occasion may be, we dance to rejoice or reconcile. And the most important thing is there is no hiding  between us, whatever it may be we share with each other without hiding anything.

It all happened a few months back. I was doing my postgraduate in archeology and I had to submit my thesis. My interest was on legends and I made a paperwork for about hundred pages which was simply thrown back in my face literally stating there’s no logic in it.

As per history there are many legends who were said to be alive still now, who were commonly called as”Chiranjivi’s”. I did my research on Chiranjivi’s spending six months on it, yet it was not accepted and was also thrown, insulting me. This created a grudge inside me that burnt endlessly. I couldn’t share this to my friends and I couldn’t move forward too. I was blank not knowing what to do next.

Later I remembered the offer given by my professor Arumugam, who now works on an archeological expedition in Tiruvannamalai. He never mentioned about what he is searching for but I remember him saying that it would be a great surprise for me if I join them. So, I started to Tiruvannamalai without informing anyone except my professor who would send someone to get me from the bus stand.



5 thoughts on “1. The Pursual

  1. Good thambi. Narration and language is good. Keep it up and continue to read more. You may try Paulo Coelho if you have not started reading him yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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