2. The Disinterring

(January 2017)

The bus travel was not a good one due to the bumpy roads, which made me feel even more broken, adding to this a small boy was sent by my professor to get me from the bus stop to a village which is in the middle of Gingee and Thiruvannamalai. As my professor said I was surprised, because it was an abandoned village. There was no one found except the left out empty huts and to my greater surprise only my professor and that small boy was digging the place and now I have got stuck here.

I came here believing I could relax and feel comfortable after having a bitter worse experience on my thesis. But it made me feel that my calculations were wrong. What a mess? And what the hell am I going to do here? Dig the ground further more to create a well or carry the mud to a different place to make a hill. The only thing that made me feel comfortable was my professor’s words to take a rest and relax to ease my body which underwent hectic travel.

It was dusk when I woke up and was shocked to see the small boy sitting nearby and staring at me. He must have been there from the afternoon, I guess so. After refreshing myself, I went towards my professor who welcomed me with an embrace and also gave his condolence for the insult I underwent and immediately he started to tell me all about the expedition.

The village where we stayed was very fertile with a soothing climate few months back but due of some geographical change, all the crops and trees got incinerated into ash without flames, underground water level vanished and there was no trace for even a single drop of water in the village. As a result the villagers abandoned the village one by one believing that they could not survive here. It is also said that a temple was built by the great Pallava king “Narasimha Varman”, on high secrecy and that temple is believed to lie beneath this ground somewhere, no one has ever seen it, yet there is a chance for us to find the secret temple. During the reign of British, rumor spread about this temple and many went on expedition too, but none returned, not even their corpse were found.

I was invited to the dinner inside my professor’s caravan. Thank God it’s air-conditioned. I took my seat and the small boy was sitting next to me, opposite to him was my professor, and there was an extra Plate in front of me. I was wondering for whom the fourth plate was. In the meantime I got introduced to the small boy who said his name Kamal, he too is an orphan from the local villagers who accepted to help my professor on local issues. Suddenly I saw someone sitting before me in the vacant seat and it was a girl. She was so beautiful and i have never seen a girl so beautiful like her in my lifetime. I was awe-struck on seeing her and I didn’t even listen to the words told by my professor. My professor, who understood my situation hit me friendly with the cloth nearby to bring me back to consciousness, the dust in the cloth came out yet I didn’t.  Her face, her smile, her eyes, everything dragged my eyes towards her. She laughed at me for the dust I got on my face due to the cloth, but my eyes were fixed on her even my heart too.

My mind which was dumb and stupid for the past few days due of the incidents that happened to me in my college disappeared. I felt like a new man with a new Josh “I have to impress her. I have to do something to impress her.” I started my tricks from getting the water, food and other accessories but nothing worked. One of my greatest show off was enacted when my professor found something digging the ground. There was a small artifact. It was very small and hard to clean. Everyone was confused and that’s where I showed my talent, actually showed off my talent.

On examining it, I said that the artifact is made with a mixture of iron, aluminum, silver and gold and so it is unstable, the only way to clean this artifact is by dipping it into the Diluted phosphorus Sulfate which will stir up the dirt particles in the artifact and settles it down at the bottom of the container. It worked, the artifact is clean and as a bonus, she too noticed me with a smile. I can assure, that is the most wonderful feeling that any man can get in his lifetime. On looking closer my professor found that it was not just a normal artifact but “a key”.  Now the question is “what does this key open?”

…………… To Be Continued……………


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