3. The Encounter

(May 2017)

Five months went on swiftly in time, we came very close, I meant our excavation, also in the relationship too. Durga, what a beautiful name, is it because she is being named Durga I feel like it is the most beautiful name? Or am I going mad due to love. “Love makes anyone go mad” in my case, it’s clearly proved, I believe so. It’s actually a long time space, but for me it was just like five minutes, I still didn’t propose her though knowing the truth she likes me. There’s nothing to my conscious impossible or scary for me to do, but this one is different, proposing a girl and convince her what one feel about her is an impossible thing, not because women are weak but because men are not strong enough to face this situation or am I the only man in this whole world feeling this to be hard. Whatever it may be, I have decided to proper her today at any cost and I have also selected a spot for proposing her too.

In a recent excavation, our crew found an old, long-used tunnel ten feet below the ground; we decided not to enter the tunnel before confirming its stability. For the past one week my professor did many tests and finally approved us to enter the tunnel by today. On the way to the spot, there is a great banyan tree, which alone survived the crisis and there’s where I’m going to propose her today. I didn’t accompany my professor and Kamal, who went early just because to go along with Durga.

We both started together and all of a sudden she asked me about my college days, with no other option yet to start a talk, I began to tell her everything, even the worst thesis issue. We came very close to the banyan tree, I tried to tell her, but she stopped me and asked about my thesis. She was not ready to hear anything apart from my thesis work. Holding my breath I explained her everything from beginning till end. She was surprised and even got impressed by my proposal, i mean my thesis proposal.

We reached the banyan tree and so I stopped, she too stopped and encouraged me to go further with my thesis. My god I brought her here for proposing her but now she is advising me to continue my thesis. She was speaking continuously and I had to literally close her mouth with my dusty hand to make her stop talking. My hard work had a result, she got silenced. It was very silent; the silence was so unique that we could hear the minute sound made by the breeze. I came close to her and said “Durga, I have never seen anyone like you before in my life and I’m in love with you. Will you marry me?”  


We continued to walk, me rubbing my left cheek and she swearing me continuously for a long time till we reached the entrance spot. Sometimes the decision we take may go wrong at other times the decision we take may go ultimately wrong, I fall under the second category. Her anger on me is because of my delayed proposal, she could have given me a hug or kiss,  slapping is not at all in the list, but I was forced to take the choice. Before entering the tunnel she dragged and hugged me saying “I love you too”. Wow, it’s really a magic word all my pain flew away and I was floating like a feather in the air.

We were playing like kids at the entrance of the tunnel, suddenly I was pulled back and pushed to the ground by someone who sat over me and took a nearby rock to crush my skull. Thank god his tries failed, I used the chance, overpowered him and usurped his balance with a single punch on his face. I further proceeded and threw a few more punches to make him unconscious. I was pulled my Durga, she prevented me from hitting that mad creature further more, but my wrath was bursting like a volcano, yet she managed to take me away from him. He was tied up by Durga and was made to sit below a nearby an ash-turned tree. He was really mad man to try killing someone who is too strong for him; his appearance was not appeased, irregularly torn rag dress, unconditioned barded hair, bushy mustache covering his own mouth, waist long conical beard and finally wounds all over him. Who is he? Theirs was only one way to find it I took my water bag and sprinkled some water over his face to bring him back to consciousness. He opened his eyes, saw us and tried to get loose of his knots. We questioned him about his name and why he tried to kill me, he answered nothing, but a stupid rhyme and again fell asleep.

Whatever I say, you won’t get
Will you;
Question me not, just listen what I
Tell you;
Responsibilities more, it will
Fill you;
Difficulties, Miseries slowly will
Drill you;
Unfortunately nothing can
Kill you;
Good things you do will surely
Shell you;
Whatever I say, you won’t get
Will you;
Question me not, just listen what I
Tell you.

…..To be continued…..


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