4. The Disquietude

The commotion grabbed my professor’s attention who rushed me to release the lunatic from his knot and explained me that he came out of the same tunnel, which we excavated recently, and he could be a key to our excavation, which was a great bombshell to us. We were moving towards the tunnel and some shadow came beside me saying ‘Mahatapase’ seeing the lunatic talking to me created consternation. Again, he said ‘Mahatapase’ pointing his hand towards himself, which helped me to guess that it could be his name. He was jabbering for a long time, which I couldn’t even understand and made me feel that he was an alien, Thank God I got a call from my professor.

It was a dead end and we were late thinking what to do next, the tunnel behind us collapsed and closed the path. Due to the horror, I went near the dead-end to relax myself and I was able to feel something beneath it. Due to the panic over there, I couldn’t hear what it was, but within few minutes everyone became normal and calm which paved me to concentrate on what’s behind the dead-end. Water, hurrah it’s water, I could hear the flow of water behind the dead-end, without wasting time I started to hit it with my mattock and created a small path for us to pass through. We all squeezed ourselves through the passage and sighed staring at each other.

Again, it led to a long tunnel, which could be a continuation of the previous one, we walked for a long time, and again the lunatic, I mean ‘Mahatapase’ came and talked to me something, which I couldn’t even understand. It felt as if we were walking for a long time, got exhausted, and needed some rest. All sat in a series one after other with our torches. We were taken aback finding our professor been missing and we were in the same spot where I created a passage to escape the collapse. We all got depressed to find that we walked in the same path for more than ten times, what a stupidity? The only person who acted normally was Mahatapase, he directed us towards a wall, and as usual, we couldn’t understand what he was saying, all our supplies were also over, no water or supplements were left to quench our thirst and hunger. Kamal, due to his age became very tired soon and I had to carry him with no other option, if we find some way to go further.

Mahatapase continuously directed us towards something and I went to check what he was pointing at. It is a hidden passage, which resembled just like a wall, a camouflage. I entered into the passage first; it was like passing through a waterfall. I returned to take Durga and Kamal along with me. Crossing the passage, we found heaven that is how it appeared, very bright and beautiful decorated with beautiful flower plants, which looked as if it was trimmed and shaped this morning. Who did this all? The main question is who could live in this isolated place for this long? Moreover, what is the source of light that gives life to this wonderful place filled with water stream and fruit bearing trees?

Only one person can answer it is our professor and to our bad luck he is missing, the most pathetic thing is we are not sure for how long he has been missing and is he alive or not?

“Hello mates! welcome to the secret sanctum”

A known voice came from behind and all our eyes turned towards the direction of the voice and got surprised and happy, it was our professor, he is alive, and we have united again. We camped over there to take some more rest, i needed the most as i underwent a lot of stress today.

……….To be continued……….


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