5. The Bemusement

He is not our father but seeing him again after the turmoil gave us a great relief. My professor started to tantalise us stating that we couldn’t find a simple secret passage to find the way, while Mahatapase managed to find it. We became upset, on seeing our long face professor cheered us saying, “It is better to make mistakes than faking perfections”. After few minutes a rest we again started our journey, we decided to go in the direction of the light source so that we could find something more about the secret temple. The beauty of the vegetation astonished us. Plants, trees, and crops have accustomed themselves to sustain in this situation, but something that pricked my mind. It was very silent, dead silent.

There was some movement nearby, my instinct said we were not alone and were been followed and watched by someone or something. Our journey was usurped by a bamboo field before us. These bamboos were enormously tall, thick, and dense too. Professor said me to climb a nearby pillar of a disfigured Tavern to check the perimeter. It was long really long and to complicate our journey, it was a maze, it was hard, really hard to cross it. I explained my professor “It’s very long, deep, complicated and hard to cross it”. There was no other way to skip this lane too. Professor simply smiled and said, “It’s going to be hard. Yet hard is not impossible”.

We entered the maze placing all our faith on our professor. He was the one who led us inside, followed him went Kamal and Durga, Mahatapase and I went behind them to make sure it’s safe, we couldn’t use our compass too due to the reversal of polarity which is common in caves below the land. We just moved a kilometre inside the maze suddenly there was a great shake like an earthquake. Lanes shifted and the pathways were locked by bamboos and new lanes formed. It must be some kind olden day’s magic or a mechanical strategy for defence purpose. We were separated in the shift of lane, and our voices were echoed in the thick bamboo maze, as a result, we could not use our voices to locate ourselves and reunite again as a team.

I have to do something to reunite everyone before something worse happens. I was in alert position ready to face anything. In the meantime, it became foggy and was even hard see who was before me or behind me. Adding to this my torch also stopped working. God, what is happening here? I had no other go but to follow the trial and proceed further. I was moving so slowly and carefully thinking what would happen next suddenly something jumped in front of me and panicked me. It came towards me and hold my hand firmly; my fast reflex action twisted the hand that grabbed me. I could not believe that I am saying this yet that is the truth, I was happy to figure that person to be Mahatapase. On seeing him, I could feel that he too was happy to see me. Thank God. I got a company to continue the journey.

While Mahatapase and I were on our track, Durga worked cleverly finding Kamal and reached an idol which was at one corner of the maze. On the other hand, again we had no clue about our professor, I was convinced only with one hope, no matter what happens that man survives, and finds a way to save us in our hard times. With that faith, I too reached an idol at one corner of the maze along with Mahatapase. I was able to feel something weird on every inch we went towards the idol. That idol was mesmerizing, I was totally dragged towards it at the same time I again got the same feeling that we were been watched by someone.

In spite of this turmoil, I was restless to grab that idol. My focus was totally on that idol which was disturbed by a sudden scream… Oh my God, Durga… She is in danger, that scream was from her for sure. I rushed towards the direction from which her voice came, it was hard for me to follow her voice as the lane was irregular. I had to hurry or something might happen to her so I planned to get through the maze to find her soon. With the help of Mahatapase I got over the maze and followed her voice.

I was nearing her. I could feel it in my heart, as I went near her voice the distance between the mazes increased. I became tired and weak yet my mind was so strong to find her; my eyes became wet, filled with tears fearing something might happen to her. My Durga, she is the only soul who accepted me in her life apart from my friends. Being mischievous with my friends helped me in doing stunts like Prince of Persia kind of stuff. All of a sudden, I got hit on a wall and fell down back into the maze. Wait a second, from where did this wall come from? As per my analysis, there was no wall for 550-acre diameter. Then from where did that wall came. I got suspicious and tried to get back over the maze, but something choked me and pushed me down, first I was able to see only two big red spot, later as my vision came back I was shocked to see giant monkeys that too made of rocks. What are more surprises waiting for me in the future? Will I have a future was a great ambiguity for me…..

……….To Be Continued……….


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