6. The Sentinels

What happened to me? I’m a person who never goes down on any issue but I was literally down on the ground, I have to do something. I tried to release myself from the hold. I used the log nearby and hit the indefinable creature hard on its head. Big mistake; wood against rock, even a stupid man won’t take such decision and now I had to pay for my mistake,getting killed by the creature. It raised its arm high nearing the sky to hit me deep below the ground. Camouflaged in air a spear penetrated the indefinable creature and broke it to pieces. I was lifted by someone and taken out of the maze, it was my professor, he was the one who saved me again. He is too concerned about me, he laid me down near an arborescent and instructed me to stay low. How can I do that? With the giddiness of the choke, I stood and looked at the maze, it was really hard to find where others were. I needed a weapon. I must get back to save others. There was an Ashoka chakra like object mounted on a wall nearby. Pivot to it was a whip and inside one gap of the Ashoka chakra, there was a long staff. I took both and ran towards one entrance. I shouted every one’s name, “Kamal” “Durga” “professor” again and again but only the metallic sound and scream echoed.

I ran in random path expecting to reach them at any cost. Suddenly something came close to my neck and was very sharp too. It was a small dagger and the person who held it was shorter than that dagger. It was Kamal, he was scared and confused about the situation. I held his hand, convinced him and we both moved toward the metallic sound. we just crossed two lanes, suddenly something came in front of us. It was a hound, a huge, monstrous, rocky hound. We were stunned on seeing it.  On every step we moved back it, the rocky hound moves toward us the double distance. We were been cornered, it was a dead-end. I had to do something. I not only had to protect myself but also Kamal who was scared, hiding behind me. I became bold, I had to be like old times, facing any situation no matter how big it is. I started to move forward which created a turmoil to the rocky hound.

It was my turn to charge, I used the whip to distract the hound and hit it hard using the staff, but what happened was totally different, the whip got locked around the hound’s neck and the staff pierced the Hound’s bosom just like a knife piercing an apple. The hound broke into pieces as I pulled both the staff and the whip simultaneously. To my surprise, the whip started to glow metallic green and the staff was transformed into a Trishul, an ancient weapon used only by great warriors. What a luck? I instructed Kamal to follow me and we again started to move toward the metallic sound. My mind was filled with questions on what would come next? yet my heart was worried about Durga, was she safe? Was she hiding somewhere? Was she protected by my professor? These were the questions that moved randomly until I found the most astonishing sight.

Mahatapase bounced the rocky monsters like a basketball, he also had a glove which too glowed metallic green. My professor tossed his spear which shattered every rocky monster into pieces. It was as if the spear obeyed his command and massacred every thing that tried to attack him. To my greater surprise, Durga had a great sword with which she sliced the monsters like a piece of cake. She had an attitude of a warrior. The way she saw everything, the way she reflexed to tackle herself. The way she killed every monster. She was not the person whom I met five months back. She was totally different. And the sword she possessed was also different. It was accurately six feet long and she handled it like a six inches stick.

The unsystematic fight threw the debris randomly. One such debris hit me badly on my forehead between my eyebrow. Blood oozed slowly from my wound and it’s warmth gave me a comfort in spite of pain of that cold night. All the monsters were destroyed and again my professor took me back out of the maze. We all sat on the steps in front of a battered building which was nothing but the secret temple we came in search of. I wiped the blood that oozed out of my forehead. Durga dressed my wound with a piece of cloth torn from her attire. Suddenly there was a mild earthquake, we were all strangled to the steps. All the broken pieces of the rocky monsters went back inside the maze, we believed it was over, but we saw shadows moving towards us very fastly, it was the monsters.

They didn’t die. They put themselves back and came to attack us again. This time as we all were together in the same place, it was very supportive for us to watch each other’s’ back. We fought ferociously and continuously. The quick we destroyed the quicker they came back alive to fight back. I lost my patience and shouted aloud STOP  the blood drops that I had on my hand fell on the monsters. They stopped, they all stood motion less. Monkey, hound, wild cat, wild boar and oxen stood motion less at the same place without even moving an inch. After some time they turned against us and stood motion less as if they were guarding us.

We started to examine the weapons which we chose, but it was as if the weapons that chose us. Durga started to name all the weapons. she named my professor’s spear as “Vel” as it pierced anything that comes in front of it, the gloves worn by Mahatapase as “Power Mitt” as it thrashed anything that is touched by it, kamal’s dagger as “Slit” as it cut anything that came in contact with it, her sword as “Death Sword” as it took life of anything that crossed it, my whip as “Grave Whip” as it sent anything it catches to the grave and finally my Trishul as just “Trishul” as it had three sharp points.

There was something which was written all the way we came which we didn’t notice before. On using my professors binocular we found that it was “Sentinels on Guard”. It was already late and we slept outside as we were exhausted due to the fight and the whole day walk inside the maze. We planned to go inside the battered temple the next day after taking a long good sleep.

……….To Be Continued……….


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