7. The Secret Sanctum

It was very bright and hot, which compelled us to wake up in spite of extreme tiredness. It was due to the energy source at the top of the temple which was unbearable as we were at the bottom of the temple. What is it made of? Is it really a second sun? Or Are we at the centre of the earth just as said in Verne’s novel “Journey to the centre of the Earth”? The answer to these questions can be found only inside the temple. We refreshed ourselves from the stream nearby and went inside the temple. We stood astonished on witnessing the things inside the temple.

It was very clean inside with modern lighting and other facilities, most of it looked like electric equipments and some looked like hydraulic equipments. But how is that possible. Professor said that this temple is thousand years old, where there was no development in science. How are these equipments more advanced than the present year was the question that pricked me. My doubts were slapped by my professor who considered it nothing before the light source, but I had my doubts on every object, which increased on every second we stayed inside the temple.

Statues inside the temple were carved beautifully and perfectly, not even the modern technology was capable of bringing that perfection. Professor scolded me for doubting everything and instructed me to enjoy the present beauty of the temple. I had no other choice but to act as per my professor’s word. We took our utility bag and started our work but there was no use for brushes as the place was already clean as new. We took pictures of every object as it would help us find the changes that take place during the cleaning process. I noticed carefully on each object and statues inside the temple. Only I called it temple while others addressed it as the “Secret Sanctum” whatever it maybe I still had a skeptic thought about that place.

Among all other objects, there was something which dragged our interest. It was a clock, which also had calendar along with it. It was not working maybe its battery is dead or it might have gone repaired as it was not used for a long time. My professor used his lens to have a close look at it and found something. There was a key hole. Very small key hole. On seeing it professor took the key which we found a few days back and examined. It had similarities, so he inserted the key inside the keyhole and twisted it clockwise twice. Suddenly the clock began to rotate fastly and stopped at seven fifteen. There was a change in calendar too.we were taken aback on seeing it, it was stopped in fifty thousand B.C.

I questioned my professor about the date because he said that the temple was built-in six fifty A.D. but the calendar showed it way back to palaeolithic age. He compromised us saying this to be a glitch and nothing more to worry. While we were talking we heard a noise which came from that clock. We all turned towards it. There was a small light which came out of a small hole from the clock. Following it many lights followed it from different corners of the room. It all merged together and gained a human form. What the hell? It’s a hologram. It was very hard and unbelievable to digest what we saw.

The voice of hologram was not clear at the beginning but it tuned itself in the meantime.we were filled with questions. It was as if my plague of questioning affected everyone in that room. There was a dead silence. The hologram saw us all and started to laugh at us. We started to shoot our questions one by one. Our questions were answered patiently by the hologram. The temple where we stood once was above the ground on the surface, build fifty thousand years back by a great person who was killed by treachery. Before his death he made the temple go below the ground and he got buried himself along with the temple.

The next question which came out was that if there is a way out of this mess to reach the ground. Yes was the answer that echoed back instantly. There was a way back to the ground from the back of the temple. The hologram instructed us to take the clock from its hold and carry it along with us so that it could come and guide us all through the way back to the surface. Our first thought was to reach the surface first and gain more manpower in order to make our excavation easier. After confirming our unanimous understanding We took the clock from its hold as instructed and started our journey back to the surface.

……….To Be Continued……….


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