8. The Softened Boulder

We were instructed to go back side of the temple in order to reach back to the surface with a second path. We all prayed that at least that path must be a normal one. I don’t know why but my mind was so suspicious of all the things that I saw. I felt like some thing was wrong there. We walked just for a kilometre and suddenly a railway track was encountered by us. What the hell. How did this track come here? What is there which cannot surprise me? really I’m fed up with these un imaginable surprise. But the Railtrack was not so clean it was covered with mud here and there and was also rusty. The hologram that we carried instructed us to go along the railway track that too in an opposite direction toward the temple. What the hell? We just now came out of the temple and now we had to again go inside the temple. Is this hologram helping us or is it too confused just like we all are.

We all followed the track not because instructed by the hologram but for our professor’s words who insisted to go as per the instructions given by the hologram. We reached an entrance to a tunnel had its entrance sloping towards the ground like a subway. We all took our touches and entered the tunnel one by one. Our hectic walk came to an end with a wagon in front of us. It was also too dusty, professor and Kamal started to clean it, Durga helped them by providing the thing needed for them while myself and Mahatapase were instructed to check the perimeter and guard them.

There was an entrance which was closed by mud and gravels, but that was not the one thing that we found. It was intentionally closed by someone. May be to block someone who was about to escape from there. What would have happened here? Why there is a need for a wagon and railroad inside a temple. And who was blocked from exiting this temple? These were the questions that moved around my head again and again but didn’t show it to others, as my professor would again scold me for being a sceptic on everything that I saw. Mahatapase saw something and stood motionless, I went near him and touched his shoulders. Tears flooded from his eyes and he sat down over there itself and continued to week. I saw towards the direction where he saw and found a portrait of a woman she was so beautiful.

We heard our professor’s call for us to return back to the wagon, so went but it was not just a wagon, it had a motor behind it which pushes the wagon on the rail road. I didn’t ask Mahatapase about anything and just made him get on the wagon. Once all boarded the wagon our professor started the motor and we all started to move. It moved very slowly but gradually it increased its pace and started to move fast. There was no joystick to control its speed and there was no break too. Only an on and off switch was there for us to use that wagon. Slowly we all began to enjoy the ride. It was similar to a rollercoaster as it moved randomly in a zig-zag movement. We all started to shout out of joy. After a long time, we all started to laugh and shout like anything. When I checked Mahatapase. He was very sad with tears in his eyes.

Something got Mahatapase’s attention. He started to shout like a mad man pointing at something. We all moved our heads toward that direction and found something very odd. It was a woman. She was lying on the rail track. “Is she dead? No, she is moving. Is she stuck between the track? Or is it a trap?” though these thoughts circulated my mind, I was very much concerned to take some action to save her. We tried to stop the wagon but it had already gained its maximum speed. Even after switching off the motor, we were unable to control the speed.

Mahatapase without thinking anything jumped before the wagon and tried to create a barrier between that woman and our wagon. His effort worked but not effectively. We still approached that woman in an impactable speed. I calculated the distance and jumped and ran fast to reach the woman before the wagon could do and grabbed her in my arms, but it was late the wagon reached us and we were about to be hit by it. Suddenly Mahatapase turned towards me and pushed us aside from the track. The last voice I heard was my professor’s who said “follow the track and reach us soon on the surface”

We three rolled and rolled for a long time and fell into a stream that crossed us. I was so exhausted, it was Mahatapase who dragged me and that woman from the stream to the land. She was still unconscious. My eyes went towards Mahatapase who was still shedding tears. What has happened? A man who was so tough and robust is now shedding tears like anything. Who was that woman in that portrait? I thought he was a man who lacked any kind of feeling, like a boulder. But now only I have witnessed this softened boulder.

………. To Be Continued ……….


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