10. The Veiled Vishakha

I woke up encountering the most calmest face I have ever seen. It was her, Vishakha. Sitting near me she was mixing something in a cup of water. It was like a stone. She enquired me whether I have any injuries and tome me to lift myself. While I was getting up she assaulted me down and made me gulp the water that she had in her hand. What the hell was mixed in that water, it tasted like drinking an animal’s blood. Drinking that water gagged me and made me feel dizzy.  In Spite of dizziness I went for my Trishul which was not near me. Then try to escape from there but couldn’t take even a single step. My whole body felt an immense pain that I have never felt before. I twisted and fell down on the floor unable to move my body. Vishakha lifted me to my bed and whispered “Everything would be more than normal soon don’t worry” and left the place.

After a couple of hours I got my consciousness back and went out of the room where I was made to rest. The first sight I saw was Mahatapse massacring a table full of eatable. Even after seeing me he didn’t have any courtesy to stop his ravage but continued it again as if he didn’t see me. I felt something weird it me. I felt light and weightless. My pace is walking differed from earlier. I felt different kind of energy surging through my veins. Feeling that much power was new to my body, so I lost my balance often and so had to hold a nearby statue for balance, but I collapsed down along with the statue. “What the hell?” my mind again went to dilemma. Is it the statue that was weak or I got stronger. I was taken back to a situation where my professor said a proverb “ like a sitting of a crow made the palm fruit fall down” (kaka ukkara panam pazham vizhindhadham). Which made me laugh inside.

My mind got curious to find what all I could do. I began to hit every statue that was near by, everything broke into pieces, I enjoyed it like anything for a second I forgot that I’m an archeologist and broke all the statues near me. An arrow from a far distance hit my shoulder very hard before I could get aware of it. I fell down in pain. in Spite of pain I pulled out the arrow and got shocked to see it glow very bright and got even more shocked when the arrow vanished in few second. There was a great pain on my shoulder which compelled me to examine it. That’s where I found the greatest shock. The injury caused by the arrow began to enclose itself and healed on the spot. All my pain had vanished.

As I got healed I stood furiously to find who shot the arrow. it was dead silent. I made my ears so clear in order to hear even a minute sound that was created around me. After concentrating for sometime I heard a roar. I was a constant roar with same phase. My mind began to think which animal was around me, whether a lion or a tiger or who know a mixture of many carnivorous animals. I located the direction from which the roaring sound came and moved towards it. It was from the same place where I saw Mahatapse eating. I feared that his life would be in danger and ran towards him. What the hell? The sound that I heard was not really a roar but a snore created by Mahatapase after finishing his heavy feast. Suddenly all my senses started to work in a union I felt something approaching behind me, I heard something piercing the air behind me. I smelt something very different which I had never smelt before, through the reflection of the power mit hanging on Mahatapase’s waist I was able to see another arrow that approached me. I dodged it and turned back. As I turned back I saw arrows shot at me from multiple directions. I dodged every arrow very easily as if it came in slow motion. I even catched certain arrows too. After sometime the arrow showers stopped and there was great applause.

I sensed movement here and there in the bushes. The movement was towards me and also in Godspeed. “ what’s next? Whatever it may be I can tackle it with the energy that I posses now” I was over-confident on my power. On all directions snakes emerged from the bushes. I laughed cynically thinking that even arrows couldn’t shake me. What would these snakes could do? All of a sudden all the snakes stopped before me at a far distance. They all were in a position as if they were staring at me. All of a sudden they all transformed into humans. One among them was Vishakha. Seeing this sight I was really taken aback and shocked. My mind got blank and I fainted on the same spot where I saw it.

She is a snake, one can never trust her, she is evil, she is a deceiver, TRiCKSTER”. All the words said by Smithii about Vishakha echoed in my mind. I woke up with sweating and saw Vishakha near me. Filled with fear and alert I tried to get away from her. She tried to convince me. I was not ready to listen to her and mind was not ready to believe her. She hold my hand firmly and looked in my eyes. She told me to be calm and listen to what she is gonna say. “ I know you are confused and scared. Just calm down and take some rest until you regenerate your energy. We have a lot to discuss and a lot to get cleared”. Talking to me she took a pouch which was hanging on her waist. The same pouch in which she collected the ashes of the Mighty Arc. she emptied the pouch on my chest, which started to burn like hell. it was as if it sucked all the energy that was left in my body and made me so weak. With heaviness on my eyelashes I opened eyes and saw the Mighty Arc over me. “Who is she really?” was the main question that revolved in my head and I blacked out.


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