9. The Mighty Arc

It became dark very soon. We were soothed by the fire started by Mahatapase. She was still unconscious, even after a tiresome roll down, even after trenched in the stream, still unconscious yet alive. "Who is she? why did she come to the rail track? Why is she still unconscious?" Many questions like this kept my mind busy, blinding me to witness what would happen next. She was unusually beautiful. It was as if I'm been mesmerised by her beauty. The only question that continuously ran in my mind was "who she is ?"


8. The Softened Boulder

We were instructed to go back side of the temple in order to reach back to the surface with a second path. We all prayed that at least that path must be a normal one. I don’t know why but my mind was so suspicious of all the things that I saw. I felt like some thing was wrong there. We walked just for a kilometre and suddenly a railway track was encountered by us. What the hell. How did this track come here? What is there which cannot surprise me? really I’m fed up with these un imaginable surprise. But the Railway track was not so clean it was covered with mud here and there and was also rusty. The hologram that we carried instructed us to go along the railway track that too in an opposite direction toward the temple. What the hell? We just now came out of the temple and now we had to again go inside the temple. Is this hologram helping us or is it too confused just like we all are.

7. The Secret Sanctum

It was very bright and hot, which compelled us to wake up in spite of extreme tiredness. It was due to the energy source at the top of the temple which was unbearable as we were at the bottom of the temple. What is it made of? Is it really a second sun? Or Are we at the centre of the earth just as said in Verne’s novel “Journey to the centre of the Earth”?

6. The Sentinels

What happened to me? I'm a person who never goes down on any issue but now was literally down on the ground I have to do something. I tried to release myself from the hold. I used the log nearby and hit the indefinable creature had on its head. Big mistake; wood against rock even a stupid man won’t take such decision and now I had to pay for my mistake, killed by the creature.

5. The Bemusement

He is not our father but seeing him again after the turmoil gave us a great relief. My professor started to tantalise us stating that we couldn’t find a simple secret passage to find the way, while ‘Mahatapase’ managed to find it. We became upset, on seeing our long face professor cheered us saying, “It is better to make mistakes than faking perfections”. After few minutes a rest we again started our journey, we decided to go in the direction of the light source so that we could find something more about the secret temple. The beauty of the vegetation astonished us. Plants, trees, and crops have accustomed themselves to sustain in this situation, but something that pricked my mind. It was very silent, dead silent.